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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads 9/23/17

Gamergate is never going away

“So, there's a lot of people saying I'm not qualified to do my job, and then it escalates to ‘I should go fuck myself,’ ‘you're shit,’ ‘how can you be paid to play games,’ and ‘you should go kill yourself,’” Takahasi told The Outline. “Fortunately, it's never gotten worse than that.”

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Weekend Reads 9/16/17

Why I’m Still Trying to Get a Book Deal After 10 Years 

As my third child kicked from inside my pregnant belly, I fantasized about what would come next: a request from the agent to see my book proposal, followed by a dream phone call offering me representation. If all went well, I’d be on my way to becoming a published author by the time my oldest child started first grade.

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Weekend Reads 9/9/17

(Leans forward, whispers) ‘Sola scriptura’ is not a thing

What this poll shows, instead, is that the pretense of sola scriptura hasn’t really held up very well over the past five centuries. Maybe Luther was able to sustain the illusion that this was what he was doing when he read the Bible, but most Protestants today know better.

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Weekend Reads 9/2/17

Should we read the Bible literally?

This is particularly evident in reading the Book of Revelation, which some interpret as a prediction of ‘end-times’ political and military conflict—which is an allegorical, not literal interpretation. The literal meaning of the crowned scorpions with women’s hair and breastplates of iron is…crowned scorpions with women’s hair and breastplates of iron. To interpret these as armoured attack helicopters (as some do) is allegorical.

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Weekend Reads 8/26/17

How to Roll Back Fanaticism

Progress is not made by crushing some swarm of malevolent foes; it’s made by finding balance between competing truths — between freedom and security, diversity and solidarity. There’s always going to be counter-evidence and mystery. There is no final arrangement that will end conflict, just endless searching and adjustment.

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Weekend Reads 8/19/17

Female engineers explain why James Damore was really fired from Google

One engineer, writing under the name Edith, said it wasn't just the content of the memo that was objectionable. It was the intent and framing too, and that's why she said Google was right to fire Damore.

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Weekend Reads 8/12/17

Parenting Is Not a "Job," and Marriage Is Not "Work"

A big reason we call motherhood a job is to impress upon our patriarchal, work-obsessed society the value, importance, and difficulty of women’s unpaid domestic labor. But in adopting the vocabulary of an oppressive system in order to improve women’s prospects within it, we concede the nature the system itself. If everything is work, then talk of "work-life balance" is a sham.

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Weekend Reads 7/29/17

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Will Be 'One of the Events of the Century'

According to Rao, viewing the rare spectacle is akin to watching a Broadway theater's lights dimming before the drama begins: The excitement kicks in as one feels the temperature change and the birds quiet down. He said that a viewer will leave feeling so engrossed in every moment of a total solar eclipse that they feel like it passes in just seconds, although it lasts a few minutes.

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Weekend Reads 7/22/17

Too Many Churches, Not Enough Christians

That organized religion is responding to their departure by trying to figure out how to keep them in is proof of the basic problem: a focus on the prosperity (and now survival) of the organization at the expense of strengthening the practitioners of the faith.

Watch Hackers Take Over a Segway with Someone On It

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