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War on Christmas, 2017 Edition

If it’s December, it’s time for Fox News to reignite the flames of the alleged "war on Christmas". "I told you that we would be saying 'Merry Christmas' again," proclaimed President Trump in St. Louis this week.

Fox News, meanwhile, is concerned about the andogynous hands featured on the new holiday cups from Starbucks. Because there's no better way for Christians to show God's love to the world than by turning the smallest perceived slight into a declaration of war.

There are real places in the world where real wars are being fought, and real people are dying. There are actual oppressive governments that persecute people for practicing their religion. There are countries where dissidents are tortured or murdered simply for expressing their opinions. There are places where young girls are sold into slavery to be used as sex toys for foreign businessmen. There are places where young boys are kidnapped, isolated from their families, given machine guns, told nobody loves them, and taught to hate and to kill.

But Christians in the United States face no such dangers. This Christmas, millions of Christians will freely gather to worship without fear of reprisal, just as we have for centuries. To equate a coffee cup or a holiday greeting with war and persecution demeans the real suffering faced by real people around the world.

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