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Weekend Reads 11/2/19

How Do Children Acquire Prejudices?

But what we really wanted to know was whether the nonverbal signals directed toward the individuals in the video would impact children’s attitudes toward the groups—people from Blackpine and people from Redvale. When we asked children which group they liked best we saw a tendency for them to favor the group whose member received more positive nonverbal signals in the video.

Telescope tracks 35 million galaxies in Dark Energy hunt

Inside DESI are 5,000 optical fibres, each acting as a mini-telescope. This enables the instrument to capture light from 5,000 different galaxies simultaneously, precisely to map their distance from Earth, and gauge how much the Universe expanded as this light travelled to Earth.

In ideal conditions, DESI can cycle through a new set of 5,000 galaxies every 20 minutes.

A Cultural Historian Explores an Old Mental Hospital, and Why They Scare Us

These “asylums”—the word in common use at the time—were meant to feel like a refuge, but were also products of a very different understanding of mental illness. As such, they also employed high doses of opium, bleeding, harsh purgatives, and devices such as the “Utica Crib” and the “phrenological hat.” Still, the institutions were not operated as though they had something to hide. Tourists were encouraged to visit, and postcards and even patient newspapers were printed for public consumption.

Amazon is saying nothing about the DDoS attack that took down AWS, but others are

Catchpoint says the problem is that Amazon - and many other organizations - are using an “old” way of measuring what’s going on. They monitor their own systems rather than the impact on users.

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