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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads 8/22/20

Jerry Falwell’s Zipper Has Been Down for Years

The Liberty community has always looked at Falwell and seen things that made us uncomfortable. He’s always shown us too much. For instance, Falwell has explicitly said that he takes no responsibility for the spiritual growth of Liberty students, even though the school is a Christian university. A loyal supporter of Donald Trump, Falwell has openly said that his political activities are not influenced at all by his faith.

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Weekend Reads 8/15/20

The breakthrough that could halt the pandemic, even before a vaccine

The WHO’s rapid diagnostic test standard requires the test to correctly identify at least 70 percent of the people who have the virus. And while that is lower than the 95 percent rate achieved by the standard nasal test known as PCR, which must be administered by medical professionals, the self-tests could catch infected people more quickly, the experts argue.

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Weekend Reads 8/8/20

The pandemic is creating a mental health crisis

Henry and others interviewed by Indian Country Today describe a spectrum of formal and informal virtual gatherings, phone trees and other socially distanced activities in their communities as a way to survive and remain connected during the pandemic.

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Weekend Reads 7/18/20

The Trump administration is backing down from its war with Fauci after it became obvious it was backfiring

Fauci for his part had expressed bemusement at finding himself the target of attacks by the White House. Fauci has advised six administrations on disease prevention and control as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and opinion polling has shown him to be one of the US's more trusted voices on the coronavirus.

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Weekend Reads 7/11/20

Was Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech Divisive?

But the conservative reflex to resist accusations of racism is worse than misguided in this instance. It does real harm to the conservative cause. Why? Because in this case the accusation is not false. It’s blatantly, obviously true.


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Weekend Reads 7/4/20

An analysis of three Covid-19 outbreaks: how they happened and how they can be avoided

“We must reduce the concentration of people and exposure time, the time they spend together,” says Maricruz Minguillón, a researcher at the Spanish National Research Council’s Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Studies (IDAEA-CSIC). “If we reduce both factors, we reduce the risk.”

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Weekend Reads 6/27/20

How Americans Feel About ‘Defunding The Police’

Indeed, in those very same polls, some of these policy ideas enjoy far more backing among the American public than the slogan does — though the level of support does vary pretty widely depending on the details of the proposal.

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Weekend Reads 6/20/20

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