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Weekend Reads 11/16/19

‘Purity’ Guru Joshua Harris May Have Left Evangelicalism But He’s Still a Member of the Church of Patriarchy

I do not write such words lightly, so let’s look at the evidence. The title of Harris’ 2017 TEDx talk “Strong Enough to be Wrong” draws on tropes that to admit error is a weak, feminine trait. It attempts to rebrand admission of error as acceptably masculine by mapping the language of strength onto it. This brand remained at the center of Harris’ 2018 “apology tour” documentary, I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which forefronts his own struggles rather than the struggles of those he harmed.

Recycled plastic isn’t going to save us

Part of the shortage comes down to fashion brands, which have started eating up a lot of the recycled plastic (rPET) on the global market. At a recent plastics recycling conference, Tison Keel, a consultant who analyzes the plastics industry, explained that this enormous demand for fabrics made from recycled plastic is posing a problem to bottling companies that want to make new bottles from old ones. He said that there is a now a “bottomless” appetite for rPET from the fiber industry, which now consumes three-quarters of all rPET produced around the world every year.

Supreme Court weighs 660,000 dreams

“I was so disappointed to hear that our attorney general would file a lawsuit,” Montoya said. “They say DACA recipients are costing money to the state, but research shows the opposite. We’re seeing a return on investment of about half a million dollars over a lifetime.

Montoya is another DACA recipient who was held up in court briefs in support of keeping the program – in her case, the brief filed by 165 higher education institutions, including Arizona State University and Benedictine University in Mesa.

Judge shoots down Trump admin's efforts to allow folks to post shoddy 3D printer gun blueprints online

The organization for some reason believes that posting blueprints to 3D print gun parts and instructions on how to put the results together to make a functional plastic gun is a good idea.

Despite the fact that the gun in question – called The Liberator – is a piece of crap that can’t shoot straight, or far, and is unlikely to damage anything that it manages to hit, the State Department felt obliged to take a stance on the idea of posting gun blueprints online.

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