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Weekend Reads 1/16/21

Biden warns of challenges ahead as he rolls out new vaccine plan

Yet the plan depends on convincing a divided and shellshocked Congress to quickly approve tens of billions more dollars for the effort. State and federal officials are also already grappling with a litany of challenges, including broad confusion among Americans over who is eligible and where to obtain the shots — as well as pockets of vaccine hesitancy.

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Weekend Reads 1/2/21

A resolution for 2021: Be a better ancestor

“What I’ve found is that the language of legacy seems to motivate people across different social realms with different backgrounds,” he said. (A small study from 2015 found that prompting people to think about how they’ll be remembered made them more likely to support personal and political action to cut carbon emissions.)

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Weekend Reads 12/19/20

Once You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Can You Still Infect Others?

But we don’t know yet if that is true of the COVID-19 vaccines, she told me. That’s because the focus of the clinical trials was narrow. It had to be because of the time constraints. Scientists wanted to know whether these things prevented illness. They wanted to know whether the drugs were safe. And they got those answers.

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Weekend Reads 12/12/20

What If Trump Is Trying To Break the GOP?

Angry and afraid people fighting—over him—is the very top of his hierarchy of needs. It’s his version of self-actualization. And while he may be forced to give up the office of the presidency, he will not give up being at the center of this storm.

How climate change could undo 50 years of public health gains

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Weekend Reads 12/5/20

Biden says he will join former presidents and publicly get coronavirus vaccine

“I’d be happy to do that,” Biden said. He went on to refer to the nation's top infectious disease expert, saying, “When Dr. [Anthony] Fauci says we have a vaccine that is safe, that's the moment in which I will stand before the public and say that.”

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Weekend Reads 11/28/20

AstraZeneca’s best COVID vaccine result was a fluke. Experts have questions

Pooling results from trials in the United Kingdom and another in Brazil, the researchers found the two-full-dose regimen was 62 percent effective at preventing COVID-19—a good, but not great result. The half-dose/full-dose regimen, on the other hand, appeared 90 percent effective—a rather impressive result.

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