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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads 3/9/19

The New Deal Wasn’t What You Think

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s genius was that he knew he had to get capitalism moving again. But the man who actually figured out how to do that was, ironically, inherited from the Hoover administration: Jesse Jones.

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Weekend Reads 3/2/19

The Methodist mess in St. Louis

In the four decades I’ve been an ordained leader in the UMC, we have lost 30 percent of our membership. Our response? Spend millions of dollars and hours of work to decide who else we can exclude. From what I know of Jesus, I predict he will not deal graciously with the infidelity of this church born in John Wesley’s exuberant, extroverted, "Salvation for all!"

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Weekend Reads 1/12/19

It's too soon to tell

It’s like the difference between “John quit smoking on Saturday” and “John quits smoking on Saturdays.” The former might be a true first step. It might be big news, indicating a major positive change in John’s life. But the latter would tell us, instead, that nothing in John’s life is really changing at all.

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