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Below are two objects that are popular in the United States, and require skill and training to use properly. Carelessness operating these objects can lead to serious injury or even death. That's why all 50 states require some form of training, a licensing examination that includes a written test and a hands-on demonstration of skill, and liability insurance to cover accidents before allowing a resident to operate one of these. For the other, the majority of states require no license, and none require liability insurance.

Is there a logical explanation?

Granted, cars are more deadly than guns. In 2014 the United States saw 33,736 traffic deaths and 33,599 firearm deaths; the vast majority of the latter, however, were self-inflicted. Nonetheless, is it rational to allow people to use a device without a license and without insurance, when the misuse of that device is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths annually?

'10 Ford Taurus SHO (MIAS '10) Ruger P89 9mm Right

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