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Weekend Reads 1/16/21

Biden warns of challenges ahead as he rolls out new vaccine plan

Yet the plan depends on convincing a divided and shellshocked Congress to quickly approve tens of billions more dollars for the effort. State and federal officials are also already grappling with a litany of challenges, including broad confusion among Americans over who is eligible and where to obtain the shots — as well as pockets of vaccine hesitancy.

Green groups promised a racial reckoning in 2020. Is it happening?

When interpreting this data, researchers emphasized that progress is about more than comparing year-to-year data points. The big picture is that people of color in particular still make up a very small percentage (sometimes less than 10 percent) of top green groups’ overall staff. That’s a far cry from being representative of the diversity of the U.S. population as a whole. And experts say organizations must strive not only to recruit staff of color but to retain them.

What Makes Patrick Mahomes So Great

Yet since 2017 Mahomes is second only to Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson in third-down QBR. And while the Ravens’ Jackson does most of his third down damage with his legs, Mahomes dissects teams with his arm, averaging 9.5 yards per pass attempt with 32 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and 27 sacks on 433 dropbacks.

But that kind of success isn’t just limited to third downs. Mahomes is generally excellent in any situation when teams know he’s passing. His success seems inevitable.

The theological work of antiracism needs to include lament

In a campus worship service we organized soon after, lament proved to be a powerful response to the racism in our midst. It gave voice to the pain and anger being felt by many people of color, and it challenged those who needed to repent for their complicity in the status quo. Lament named these realities and created a public protest.

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