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Weekend Reads 11/7/20

Realignment or Speed Bump: The Battle for the Suburbs in 2020 and Beyond

These voters "don't have outright hatred for Trump," said Hickey, but they are desperate for a return to normalcy. The words heard the most from these voters were things like "leadership," "calm," and "recovery."

As Blizzard described it, "the economy was not enough to get them beyond the style and the personality" of Trump that they disliked.

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Weekend Reads 10/31/20

Why Many Americans Don't Vote

But who does — and doesn’t — vote is complex. Most Americans don’t fall neatly into any one category. Instead, as we found in our new poll with Ipsos, most are like Brown. They vote inconsistently, or at moments when they feel like their vote has a chance to make a difference, or when the stakes of not voting are just too high, which is how many Americans describe this upcoming election.

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Grooming Your Wife?

I'd really like to believe this is a satire website, but its entirely humorless tone suggests it's not. It appears to be actually advocating something that it claims are "biblical gender roles".

In a recent post, the site author responds to a young husband named Robert who sent an email because he is having trouble disciplining his wife.

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Weekend Reads 10/24/20

Biden’s court ‘punt’ gets lukewarm response

The former vice president’s proposal to create a 180-day commission falls far short of the left’s dreams of adding seats to the Supreme Court. And Republicans continued alleging that Biden will pack the court and is just being disingenuous about his real intentions.

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Weekend Reads 10/17/20

Feeling the Heat

Polls, which have long shown strong support for climate action on the left, are starting to indicate that climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue for voters across the board. And young Republicans, the demographic McCarthy is most worried about losing, are starting to sound a lot like young Democrats on the issue.

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Winding Down

As long as I've been blogging—fifteen years, off and on—it's been mostly a personal exercise, an attempt to work out my thoughts on a number of subjects by writing them down. When I started my first blog in July of 2005 I had no trouble finding topics to write about, and was constrained only by the time available to write. As time went on, I began to realize I had said what I wanted to say about most of the things I wanted to talk about.

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Weekend Reads 10/10/20

How COVID Kills the Economy

If you used to work in an office with large numbers of other people and you can accomplish that work at home, many people now do that in order to cut down on potential exposure. This is a perfectly reasonable precaution that has nothing to do with a “lockdown.”

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Weekend Reads 10/3/20

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Weekend Reads 9/26/20

The Election That Could Break America

If we are lucky, this fraught and dysfunctional election cycle will reach a conventional stopping point in time to meet crucial deadlines in December and January. The contest will be decided with sufficient authority that the losing candidate will be forced to yield. Collectively we will have made our choice—a messy one, no doubt, but clear enough to arm the president-elect with a mandate to govern.

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Weekend Reads 9/19/20

The Anti-Flight 93 Election

But the real problem with Trump is neither about style nor about policy. It is the disastrous ideological impact he is having on conservatism and the Republican Party. There is a reason a whole swathe of the right no longer cares about many of the issues they considered central to their worldview in 2015. Trump’s rise to power unleashed and emboldened a “nationalist,” collectivist, Big Government wing of the right.

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