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Weekend Reads 3/24/18

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Was Stephen Hawking a Dog?

When physicist Stephen Hawking died last week, a number of Christian and Muslim apologists rushed to social media to proclaim that Hawking is now burning in hell. Evangelist Ray Comfort then had the audacity to express surprise at the reaction his Facebook post got from atheists.

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The Fulcrum

This might actually work.

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Weekend Reads 3/10/18

The GOP's Tax-Cut Narrative Is Already Unraveling

In sum, the GOP tax cut is raising wages (except it isn’t); it’s good for stocks (except the market has been a nauseous mess all year); and it’s poised to grow the economy—so much so that the Fed is determined to choke off inflation and discourage more business investment, which will hurt economic growth.

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The Price of Speaking Up

Shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration, Emma Green reported in The Atlantic about people who had been fired from evangelical ministries for voicing their political views.

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Mike Rowe's Denial of Science

During my hiatus, How the Universe Works host Mike Rowe got into a verbal spat with a fan over controversial remarks he made on his show.

The complainant, one Rebecca Bright, said in part

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Weekend Reads 2/24/18

The Deep Space Eye in the Desert

The giant telescope will have 10 times the resolving power of the Hubble Space Telescope, revealing distant galaxies, the birth of stars, and the compositions of exoplanet atmospheres—a key field of research in the search for extraterrestrial life.

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Weekend Reads 2/17/18

Americans who understand how evolution works are more likely to accept it

Unfortunately, we found that knowledge about evolutionary theory is rather low; about 68 percent of participants failed our knowledge test, scoring less than 60 percent. So there's definitely room for improvement there.

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