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Weekend Reads 9/19/20

The Anti-Flight 93 Election

But the real problem with Trump is neither about style nor about policy. It is the disastrous ideological impact he is having on conservatism and the Republican Party. There is a reason a whole swathe of the right no longer cares about many of the issues they considered central to their worldview in 2015. Trump’s rise to power unleashed and emboldened a “nationalist,” collectivist, Big Government wing of the right.

Nearly 100 earthquakes swarm Yellowstone in 24 hours. Here's what experts are saying

For some, "2020 its just not the year to be messing about with things like Yellowstone's magma chamber," one Twitter user wrote.

But scientists say there's nothing to worry about. "Happily, the volcano doesn't know what year it is. And even more happily, the Yellowstone magma chamber is mostly solid!" the USGS tweeted Friday in response.

Why some US cities are plotting a ‘green recovery’ after the pandemic

“What you’ll see [after the pandemic] is a city that will surprise you. You will still be able to drive a convertible up the coast, still go up Mulholland Drive with the lights laid out like a bed of jewels. But you’ll also realize that transit can get you there too, that you can work, eat and play without getting into a car.”

‘This is what voter suppression looks like’

The complaint accuses the state officials of failing to provide voter registration applications during public benefits transactions that fall under the National Voter Registration Act, failing to update voter registration addresses when citizens report a change of address and failing to provide voter registration services to people who lack a driver’s license or social security number.

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