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Weekend Reads 11/7/20

Realignment or Speed Bump: The Battle for the Suburbs in 2020 and Beyond

These voters "don't have outright hatred for Trump," said Hickey, but they are desperate for a return to normalcy. The words heard the most from these voters were things like "leadership," "calm," and "recovery."

As Blizzard described it, "the economy was not enough to get them beyond the style and the personality" of Trump that they disliked.

"Among these voters this race has never really formed into a choice," Blizzard told me. "It has remained a referendum. Everything is seen through the context stylistic about the president."

As renewable power prices drop, researchers tally up their added costs

But it is possible to make some generalizations. The first is that the variability of wind and solar power do make them more expensive to add to the grid, although the expense is pretty minimal if they're not already generating more than 10 percent of the power on the local grid. Above that, and they're only just becoming competitive with the price we pay for fossil fuel-generated power. But the price we pay for fossil fuels doesn't include the emissions they generate; accounting for that would probably bring wind and solar back in front. And anything's cheaper than nuclear right now.

Will the American Fever at Last Break?

So meaningless to Trump is democracy that he is openly scheming to discard ballots, preempt election returns, and convert the Supreme Court into ward heelers in robes who exist to help him steal the presidency. This transcends incipient autocracy—it is one man’s mental pathology imposed on a constitutional order which, to him, is no more real than the death and suffering wrought by COVID-19.

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