Weekend Reads 9/23/17

Gamergate is never going away

“So, there's a lot of people saying I'm not qualified to do my job, and then it escalates to ‘I should go fuck myself,’ ‘you're shit,’ ‘how can you be paid to play games,’ and ‘you should go kill yourself,’” Takahasi told The Outline. “Fortunately, it's never gotten worse than that.”

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The Double-Edged Sword of Free Speech

One of the most cherished freedoms in the United States is the freedom of speech.

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Weekend Reads 9/16/17

Why I’m Still Trying to Get a Book Deal After 10 Years 

As my third child kicked from inside my pregnant belly, I fantasized about what would come next: a request from the agent to see my book proposal, followed by a dream phone call offering me representation. If all went well, I’d be on my way to becoming a published author by the time my oldest child started first grade.

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The Need to Win

When an archer is shooting for nothing
He has all his skill.
If he shoots for a brass buckle
He is already nervous.
If he shoots for a prize of gold
He goes blind
Or sees two targets—
He is out of his mind!

HIs skill has not chanaged. But the prize
Divides him. He cares.
He thinks more of winning
Than of shooting—
And the need to win
Drains him of power.

—Chuang Tzu, translated by Thomas Merton

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Weekend Reads 9/9/17

(Leans forward, whispers) ‘Sola scriptura’ is not a thing

What this poll shows, instead, is that the pretense of sola scriptura hasn’t really held up very well over the past five centuries. Maybe Luther was able to sustain the illusion that this was what he was doing when he read the Bible, but most Protestants today know better.

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Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey

The devastation dumped on Houston by Hurricane Harvey has raised the issue of whether climate change is responsible for the intensity of the storm. Research by NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory indicates that anthropogenic global warming is not likely to increase the number of Atlantic hurricanes, but is likely to increase their intensity.

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Weekend Reads 9/2/17

Should we read the Bible literally?

This is particularly evident in reading the Book of Revelation, which some interpret as a prediction of ‘end-times’ political and military conflict—which is an allegorical, not literal interpretation. The literal meaning of the crowned scorpions with women’s hair and breastplates of iron is…crowned scorpions with women’s hair and breastplates of iron. To interpret these as armoured attack helicopters (as some do) is allegorical.

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The End of Gas

Swedish automaker Volvo made news last month when it announced it would stop building cars powered solely by internal combustion engine within a little more than a year. Cars manufactured for 2019 and beyond with either be fully electric, or powered by hybrid engines.

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Weekend Reads 8/26/17

How to Roll Back Fanaticism

Progress is not made by crushing some swarm of malevolent foes; it’s made by finding balance between competing truths — between freedom and security, diversity and solidarity. There’s always going to be counter-evidence and mystery. There is no final arrangement that will end conflict, just endless searching and adjustment.

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Three Habits of Original Thinkers

Excerpts from Adam Grant's TED Talk.

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