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Look Who Is Promoting Immigration

On the surface, this website is no different from a lot of other pro-immigration sites. It touts America as "a nation built by immigrants". It includes stories of "immigrants who are making America a more productive country." It offers a free download of a pamphlet titled America’s Advantage: A Handbook on Immigration and Economic Growth (PDF). It debunks some of the myths about immigration, such as:


FACT: 72.5% of immigrants believe hard work is how you succeed in America and are responsible for half of the total U.S. labor force growth over the last decade


FACT: 7.6% of immigrants were self-employed compared to 5.6% of native-born Americans and they founded more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies

But in one very important way it is different from other pro-immigration sites: It is the only one run by a Republican ex-President of the United States. In these days of hyperpartisanship, it may be easy to forget that our last Republican president supported a bipartisan plan that would have, among other things, provided a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. George W. Bush regrets that he couldn't muster enough support among his party for genuine immigration reform.

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