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Weekend Reads 7/13/19

James Dobson's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Is Dangerous

As a student of the history of biblical interpretation, the rhetoric employed by Dobson and other evangelical leaders is frighteningly similar to that of German pastors and theologians in the Third Reich. It appears that Christians have either forgotten or are ignoring the dark history of Christianity’s marriage to partisan politics and nationalist agendas. Comparing current figures and events with Nazi Germany is fraught with difficulties, but the similarities in the language and dehumanization of a people group from a leader within Christianity are too obvious to ignore.

Trump ally Lindsey Graham says president should 'admit climate change is real'

"I'm tired of playing defense on the environment," Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday as he and other GOP lawmakers announced the formation of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, which will "embrace and promote constructive efforts to resolve conservation and environmental problems."

There’s a big problem with Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

That reflects significant uncertainty about how Libra will actually work—and if it's even possible to launch a network like this within the bounds of the law. Facebook is trying to build a payment system that combines the best characteristics of blockchain and conventional networks. But the result may wind up just being a contradictory mess that leaves almost everyone dissatisfied

Protesters rail against Biden on deportations

"The Obama administration wasn't a great friend to immigration at all," said protester Shannon Jackson, 17, of Nottingham. "The goal of today's protest was to hold him accountable. If Mr. Biden does get the nomination or become the president, we want to make sure he won't repeat what happened during the Obama administration."

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