Weekend Reads 6/25/16

Be Still My Heart: A Quick Explanation of What Biblical Scholars Do

Biblical scholarship is like building a picture puzzle. The box says 1000 pieces, but there are only 200 in the box. Biblical scholars, working with the pieces they have, try to come up with a coherent overall picture of what the entire puzzle might look like.

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It Doesn't Take Much

In 1974, a series of floods destroyed crops throughout Bangladesh, putting the nation in a state of famine. Muhammad Yunus, economics professor at Chittagong University in southeastern Bangladesh, was disturbed by the disconnect between economic theory and the reality he saw around him.

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Weekend Reads 6/18/16

Greenland Hits Record 75°F, Sets Melt Record As Globe Aims At Hottest Year

Last Thursday, Greenland’s capital hit 75°F, which was hotter than New York City. This was the highest temperature ever recorded there in June — in a country covered with enough ice to raise sea levels more than 20 feet.

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A Look at Two Mass Killings

It's been almost a year since Dylann Roof murdered nine people during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. It's been less than two days since Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

What do the two incidents have in common, other than being horrific acts committed by mentally disturbed individuals with extreme ideologies?

If you read World Net Daily (WND), the answer is clear: They are President Obama's fault.

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Weekend Reads 6/11/16

‘Game of Thrones’ and the Bible

Readers of these books will encounter two very different types of inconsistencies or discrepancies in the text. Some of these are “simple mistakes,” but others are deliberate. Some are artless and meaningless, while others are artful and meaningful. And getting those two types of inconsistencies confused can mislead readers in either of two ways.

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Joe Romm of Climate Progress has some concerns about Donald Trump's economic plans.

In particular, when Fox News’ Chris Wallace pressed Trump in March on how he’d cut the federal budget, Trump answered “Department of Environmental Protection [sic]. We are going to get rid of it in almost every form.”

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Partisanship Aside

This is how politics ought to work.

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Who Knows, revisited

Early last year, David Allan, then Managing Editor for Features for bbc.com, gave a TED talk about the parable of the Taoist farmer who refused to label his experiences "good" or "bad". Although he generally considers it a good philosophy, he wasn't convinced it could be applied to the "really bad things" in life.

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