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Weekend Reads 1/13/18

White Nationalists Push Back Against Efforts to Honor Black Confederates

Hardcore white supremacists want to step back and say, "Look, the Confederacy was racist, their goal was the preservation of white supremacy and slavery." And they’re actually the ones who are on solid historical ground; they’re the ones that are cutting through the myth.

Trump is revoking 260,000 Salvadoran immigrants’ permission to live in the United States

In practice, that meant that once a country’s TPS was up for review, presidents had two choices: They could renew TPS for that country, kicking the can down the road; or they could terminate it and give thousands of people no way to stay legally in the US.

Unsurprisingly, most presidents chose the former. But equally unsurprisingly, the Trump administration is taking the opposite approach.

Here’s the spaceflight stuff we’re most anticipating in 2018

The first projections for the Falcon Heavy pegged its maiden launch date about half a decade ago, and for the longest time it was something always talked about but never seen. But now, we know the rocket is real, as SpaceX's heavy lift booster has been spotted towering alongside Launch Complex-39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

How Actual Smart People Talk About Themselves

If you report long enough on politics and public life, even there you will see examples of exceptional strategic, analytic, and bargaining intelligence, along with a lot of clownishness.

In short (as Lloyd Bentsen might once have put it): I’ve known some very smart people. Some very smart people have been friends of mine. And Donald Trump…

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