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Weekend Reads 2/17/18

Americans who understand how evolution works are more likely to accept it

Unfortunately, we found that knowledge about evolutionary theory is rather low; about 68 percent of participants failed our knowledge test, scoring less than 60 percent. So there's definitely room for improvement there.

How to interpret a market plunge

It’s like a trust exercise: you might lean a bit just to see if a friend is prepared to catch you, but not so much that you cannot recover, then a bit more, then maybe you start to worry that actually the friend seems frankly lackadaisical in his reaction, and then oof, over you go.

How Contemplation, Not Ambition, Leads to Happiness

We all have an inner drive to feel significance and meaning in our lives. This is our default position–the human condition. From there we can take one of two pathways. We can become ambitious and strive to achieve significance and meaning, to create it for ourselves. Or we can embrace contemplation.

Five smart TVs tested for security, privacy issues

The testers found that remote attackers can take control of the Samsung and TCL TVs by exploiting flaws in the setups, allowing them to change channels, change volume levels, open disturbing content, and so on.

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