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Weekend Reads 1/27/18

Peeved by price gouging and shortages, hospitals will now make their own drugs

In an interview with The New York Times, Intermountain Healthcare’s CEO, Dr. Marc Harrison, did not mince words. “This is a shot across the bow of the bad guys,” he said. “We are not going to lay down. We are going to go ahead and try and fix it.”

John Wesley could have been a Jedi

It's clear. The ways John Wesley carefully lived his life to follow his faith and the traits brought out on screen and in books about fictional knights could inspire us to use our own force for good.

Seeing Red on Climate

After wildfires incinerated forests and droughts desiccated rivers in Big Sky Country this year, agitated sportsmen and women have become easier to find. Tanner’s nonprofit, Conservation Hawks, is part of a coalition of grassroots organizations trying to pull conservatives into the conversation about rising temperatures.

Four Faiths, Four Perspectives: A Year in, How Trump's Presidency Galvanized People into Action

People of many religions, motivated by their faith, joined huge demonstrations across the country protesting the president’s rhetoric and campaign promises. Those gatherings included the March for Science and Women’s March, whose co-chair is one of the religious left’s best-known leaders, Muslim activist Linda Sarsour.

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