Weekend Reads 10/10/20

How COVID Kills the Economy

If you used to work in an office with large numbers of other people and you can accomplish that work at home, many people now do that in order to cut down on potential exposure. This is a perfectly reasonable precaution that has nothing to do with a “lockdown.”

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Weekend Reads 9/26/20

The Election That Could Break America

If we are lucky, this fraught and dysfunctional election cycle will reach a conventional stopping point in time to meet crucial deadlines in December and January. The contest will be decided with sufficient authority that the losing candidate will be forced to yield. Collectively we will have made our choice—a messy one, no doubt, but clear enough to arm the president-elect with a mandate to govern.

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Weekend Reads 9/19/20

The Anti-Flight 93 Election

But the real problem with Trump is neither about style nor about policy. It is the disastrous ideological impact he is having on conservatism and the Republican Party. There is a reason a whole swathe of the right no longer cares about many of the issues they considered central to their worldview in 2015. Trump’s rise to power unleashed and emboldened a “nationalist,” collectivist, Big Government wing of the right.

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Life on Venus?

This discovery could change everything. At the very least, it could change what we know about how chemicals are synthesized under heat and pressure. Or it could be a sign of alien life.

Most of the headlines highlight the latter possibility.

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Weekend Reads 9/12/20

Behind Woodward’s September surprise: White House aides saw a train wreck coming, then jumped aboard

The interviews revealed that Trump was not candid with the public about the dangers of Covid-19, with the president telling Woodward he was “playing it down” even though it was possibly five times “more deadly” than the flu. “I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic,” Trump said in one audio clip released Wednesday.

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Are "COVID Deaths" Actually Being Caused by Something Else?

I've seen a lot of buzz on social media about a new report from the CDC on the COVID-19 death rate. Specifically, the CDC report mentions that only 6% of COVID deaths had no other contributing factors. Does that mean 94% of what are being reported as COVID deaths are actually due to other causes? A medical doctor examines the report and explains what it is really saying.

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Weekend Reads 8/22/20

Jerry Falwell’s Zipper Has Been Down for Years

The Liberty community has always looked at Falwell and seen things that made us uncomfortable. He’s always shown us too much. For instance, Falwell has explicitly said that he takes no responsibility for the spiritual growth of Liberty students, even though the school is a Christian university. A loyal supporter of Donald Trump, Falwell has openly said that his political activities are not influenced at all by his faith.

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Jesus' White Privilege?

Eric Metaxas, evangelical author and radio host, has gotten himself into something of a pickle.

After learning the United Methodist Church [full disclosure: that's my church] was working with Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility, to produce a video series on the subject of "Deconstructing White Privilege",  Metaxas tweeted this response:

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