The Butterfly

Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.

- Zhuangzi 

One thing that is certain, however, is this: the quote is always attributed to Zhaungzi and not to the butterfly.

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An Ounce of Prevention

Across the water from the prison island, next to yet another sewage plant and trash-deposit station in Hunts Point in the South Bronx, there's a multistory prison barge that has been used in recent years for children in detention. Several thousand juveniles thirteen years old or older have been held there at one point or other in a given year – about one hundred at a time – while they awaited transfer to more permanent facilities. It's a tremendous structure, with six floating floors of prison cells, one of them under water. From the sky, however, it looks decorative.

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Weekend Reads 4/29/17

The New Rules of Hydration

“Thirst is a very poor indicator of dehydration, especially if you’re up at altitude or training somewhere dry,” says Eric Sternlicht, an associate professor of kinesiology at Chapman State University. A 2016 study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that, when allowed to drink freely, 32 percent of collegiate athletes started exercise in a dehydrated state and more than 40 percent finished dehydrated.

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Climate Patriotism

A short film promoting the April 29th Peoples Climate March.

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Trump to Resign?

Have you heard the news? Donald Trump is considering resigning. It's all over the internet, so there must be some truth to it. Right?

Trump Considering Resigning Due To Flynn Testimony

Donald Trump Considers Resigning as President of the United States

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Did Moses Write the Books of Moses? Part 5: What Does It Matter?

We have seen that, although fundamentalists insist that the Bible could not be reliable if the Pentateuch was written by anyone other than Moses, centuries of Bible scholarship have led most scholars to the conclusion that these books were written by later authors.

But does any of this scholarship make a difference? The teachings are the same, regardless of who put the words on the paper. Right?

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Did Moses Write the Books of Moses? Part 4: The Scholarly Challenges

The documentary hypothesis (DH) has been the leading scholarly view on the authorship of the pentateuch since the 19th century. Fundamentalists haven't accepted it, and probably never will, but the DH has been dominany in the scholarly community for more than a century.

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