Boycott Season

Fall is rapidly approaching. As the summer heat begins, finally, to dissipate, the air is filled with a new scent. It's the smell of burning polyurethane, as thousands—possibly even dozens—of conservatives set their shoes on fire in protest of Nike's decision to feature social justice advocate and former quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a new ad. The protesters vowed never to buy Nike merchandise again.

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"Why I don't care about 'Climate Change'"

I no longer care about 'climate change'; I care about the social, the financial, and the security impact it will have on me.

Stop educating about the science of climate change, and start educating about how this will affect you.

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Afraid of trying something risky? Instead of goal-setting, try "fear-setting".

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Weekend Reads 7/28/18

I’m a librarian. The last thing we need is Silicon Valley “disruption.”

I’ve often heard the argument, “That’s not the library’s job. There are agencies for that.”

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