The Consequences of Fake News

If you're on Facebook, you've probably seen some of the breathless, clickbaity political headlines. Republicans Ban First Amendment in Congress or California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution.

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Weekend Reads 12/31/16

Ready for flooding: Boston analyzes how to tackle climate change

Damage from flooding, too, will increase as the climate warms. Around the middle of the century, the report projects that about seven percent of the city could be under water during one-in-10-year rainstorms unless the storm water system is improved. That includes portions of the subways and major highways, some of which are designated evacuation routes.

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Climate Change: The Human Fingerprint

How do we know global warming is caused by the 30 billion tons of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere by human activity? Here are ten pieces of evidence. Click the image for additional information from Skeptical Science.

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Weekend Reads 12/24/16

Fake news and fake gospels

I consciously try to take people at their word when they are talking about their religious convictions rather than assuming their beliefs are politics or some other ideology in thin religious trappings. The past year or so has challenged that posture significantly and raised questions about how fellow Christians are so easily taken captive by things like fake news and have such itching ears for fake gospels.

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The Trolley Problem

Imagine you're standing next to the tracks when you see an out-of-control trolley heading your way. Up ahead are five workers standing on the track, just far enough away that they can't hear you yelling. If you do nothing, they will all die. But next to you is a switch that will divert the trolley to another track. However, there is a worker standing on that track as well. Do you pull the switch?

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Weekend Reads 12/17/16

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

While individual dinosaur-era feathers have been found in amber, and evidence for feathered dinosaurs is captured in fossil impressions, this is the first time that scientists are able to clearly associate well-preserved feathers with a dinosaur, and in turn gain a better understanding of the evolution and structure of dinosaur feathers.

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When Conservatives Tackled Environmental Problems

The 1980s were a time of ecological upheaval. It would still be some time before the dangers of global warming were fully understood, but we were already facing the negative consequences of human activity: smog, acid rain, nuclear reactor fallout. But the environmental issue that garnered the most attention was the 1985 discovery of the infamous ozone hole.

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The Meanings of Genesis 1

After examining the meaning of the word "day" in the context of Genesis 1 and within the larger context of Genesis, and considering the cosmological assumptions of ancient Israel, it's time to consider the meaning(s) of the first chapter of Genesis.

Creationists sometimes allege that we can't find any meaning if we read Genesis as anything other than history.

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The Cosmology of Genesis 1

In recent posts I've looked at the use of the word "day" in the Genesis 1 creation story, and at how that story should be understood within the larger context of Genesis. This context is important if we are to dig below the surface and find the deeper meaning of the Bible's first creation story.

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