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Weekend Reads 2/8/20

That dystopian hellscape keeping you up at night? It’s less likely than you think

And even as the worst-case scenarios are becoming unlikely, so are best-case scenarios for keeping the world from heating less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. The United Nations Environment Program recently said that goal is starting to look “out of reach,” and temperatures have already climbed 1 degree Celsius since 1880.

Mitt Romney just did something that literally no senator has ever done before

It’s worth noting that Trump’s supporters, including his own legal team, have tried to discredit the impeachment effort by labeling it a “partisan impeachment.” But, until now, every impeachment trial of a president ended with the president’s fellow partisans lining up for acquittal.

Goop accused of more deceptive health claims, violating court order

It’s also worth pointing out that the vitamins contain a potentially dangerous amount of biotin—8,333% of the daily recommended amount. The FDA noted in a past safety communication that such high levels of biotin can interfere with clinical lab tests, such as those used to diagnose heart attacks.

The Super Bowl of MAGA Hypocrisy

Their moral flexibility has been astounding. The Internet is littered with pornographic images of the First Lady, which doesn’t seem to be a moral quandary for Trump supporters*, no matter how Christian they claim to be or how loudly they trumpet their “Family Values” convictions. They’ve made peace with that long ago. (Apparently, full frontal nudity between two women simulating sex, is perfectly fine—so long as one of them later becomes the third wife of the serial adulterer and professed predator they want to vote for). But two talented, powerful, and accomplished women delivering a carefully choreographed and brilliantly executed dance number, while wearing as much as the cheerleaders walking the sidelines—is a pressing moral problem.

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