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Weekend Reads 7/8/17

Some Random Observations Concerning Yet Another Similarity Between Some Atheists and YECists

The irony of all this is that the very thing that Ken Ham wrongly asserts that evolutionists claim—namely that the human species were nothing more than stupid, ape-like brutes with no sense and no understanding of any kind of technology whatsoever—was essentially what this rabid atheist was claiming in his attempt to discredit the intelligence of the ancient people and biblical writers who lived a few thousand years ago!

Is it Time to Can the CAN-SPAM Act?

According to Guilmette, the Act was deliberately fashioned so as to nullify California’s more restrictive anti-spam law, and it made it impossible for individual victims of spam to sue spam senders. Rather, he said, that right was reserved only for the same big companies that lobbied heavily for the passage of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Maybe Trump Didn’t Remake The Political Map

If we look at all the special elections, it’s interesting to note that Democrats this year have been outperforming their 2016 baseline most in the districts where Clinton underperformed Obama and least in the districts where Clinton outperformed Obama. The latter group tends to include more highly educated, suburban areas that traditionally voted Republican. These places may be growing bluer, but perhaps Clinton did as well as could be hoped for by a Democratic candidate for the time being. In the districts where Clinton didn’t do as well as Obama had, it’s possible that traditional Democratic voters who voted for Trump in 2016 may not be voting for Republicans in 2017.

Monster Black Holes Spotted Orbiting Each Other for 1st Time Ever

Judging by the gravitational effects these black holes had on their surroundings, the two behemoths harbor a combined mass about 15 billion times that of the sun, the researchers said. It remains uncertain just how big each black hole is, but the limited data that astronomers currently have suggest that one of the black holes might be two or even four times bigger than the other, said study co-author Roger Romani, an astrophysicist at Stanford University.

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