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Weekend Reads 6/23/18

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Immigration Press Conference Was Disgraceful

A reporter pointed out that it was the administration's decision to make migrants crossing the border a criminal rather than a civil matter, and that Attorney General Sessions admitted the policy was instituted as a way to deter migrants from seeking asylum in the United States. Sanders continued to deflect and blame the Democrats.

How startups are building driverless cars without Google’s billions

It's easy to dismiss a 25mph shuttle service as not a real self-driving vehicle—and obviously it's not as impressive as building a Waymo-style autonomous taxi that travels safely at highway speeds. But we shouldn't underestimate these startups; once they have a portfolio of profitable low-speed shuttle services, it will be pretty easy to gradually expand into more demanding applications.

Jeff Sessions could be expelled from the Methodist Church over migrant policies

In a June 18 statement, 640 signatories invoked paragraph 2702.3 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline to charge Sessions with child abuse, immorality (including “the use of violence against children to deter immigration”), racial discrimination, and the dissemination of false doctrine counter to Methodist teaching — including Sessions’s controversial public use of the Bible verse Romans 13 to legitimize the Trump administration’s migrant policies.

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