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Weekend Reads 1/5/19

How to Lose Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Amazon

So the couple put the class fee on their credit card, started attending Monday night webinars, and picked their first two products: a glass wine decanter and plastic wine aerator, both sourced from China. Following Behdjou and Gazzola’s advice to purchase the minimum mass order possible, they ordered 3,000 decanters and 1,500 aerators and had them shipped directly to Amazon warehouses across the country, from which the company would send them directly to consumers.

Why Aren’t Democrats Standing Up for Low-Wage Government Workers?

There’s no good argument for protecting federal workers, as is done routinely, while janitors and security guards get quietly stiffed. This is now a test for left-wing Democrats. You can give speeches about being an advocate for low-wage workers, but that’s worthless if you’re not speaking up for them when they need it the most.

A Lament for the U.S. Church’s Response to Immigrants

But we have too often done wrong to those who come as sojourners to our land: separating children from parents and husbands from wives, limiting opportunities for work and education for young people brought to this country as children and not loving these neighbors as ourselves.

2019: The Year of the Wolves

There are now over a dozen investigations into Trump’s various scandals. If we lived in a healthy society, the ensuing indictments would be handled in a serious way — somber congressional hearings, dispassionate court proceedings. Everybody would step back and be sobered by the fact that our very system of law is at stake.

But we don’t live in a healthy society and we don’t have a healthy president.

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