A Christian Nation

This Easter video from British Prime Minister David Cameron has been circulating on Facebook this month, although it appears to have been recorded a year ago. The video has also been promoted on a couple of websites, the Conservative Tribune and the 

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Weekend Reads 3/26/16

Can Computer Programs Be Racist And Sexist?

Google's software is able to group together pictures of a particular friend, or pictures of dogs, cats, etc. But when it labeled a picture of one of Alciné's friends, who is also African-American, it left him speechless.

"It labeled it as something else. It labeled her as a different species or creature," says a horrified Alciné.

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Fossils from Noah's Flood?

Wayne Propst of Tyler, Texas was helping his aunt with yard work when he uncovered a rock embedded with petrified Turritella snails. Many Turritella specimens have been found elsewhere in Texas, dating back to the Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. But Propst emailed Joe Taylor of the creationist Mt.

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Weekend Reads 3/19/16

A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World

The puzzles in question repeated themes, answers, grids and clues from Times puzzles published years earlier. Hundreds more of the puzzles edited by Parker are nearly verbatim copies of previous puzzles that Parker also edited. Most of those have been republished under fake author names.

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American Genocide

The way his supporters saw it, his lack of political experience was a benefit. His brashness and his crude demeanor merely served to set him apart from his career politician opponents. Those opponents saw him as reckless, emotional, unfit to govern—but his supporters saw him as a breath of fresh air. He was the type of guy whose supporters would stay loyal even if he shot someone in the street. He would never have been able to win a majority of votes, but with so many candidates running, he didn't need to.

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The Sins of Left Behind

If you're not familiar with the Left Behind series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, count yourself lucky.

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Weekend Reads 3/5/16

Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth Is Special after All

A new calculation of exoplanets suggests that Earth is just one out of a likely 700 million trillion terrestrial planets in the entire observable universe. But the average age of these planets—well above Earth’s age—and their typical locations—in galaxies vastly unlike the Milky Way—just might turn the Copernican principle on its head.

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Radical Cleric Surfaces in Phoenix

Radical cleric Mark Driscoll, founder and former pastor of the Mars Hill church in Seattle, has announced plans to build a new church in Phoenix.

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Weekend Reads 2/27/16

That Dragon, Cancer: A game that wrestles with grief, hope, and faith

Video games have the unique power to put players in control of a narrative and then steal that control away, and That Dragon, Cancer employs that power to incredible emotional effect—after all, what can render a parent as powerless as facing an unkillable cancer in your infant child?

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