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Weekend Reads 4/30/16

‘The Sin of Certainty:’ Peter Enns’ journey from belief to trust

These developments should have taught Christians that you couldn’t “prove” the basic doctrines of orthodox Christianity by a simple appeal to the Bible.…Christians should have weighed the evidence presented by Darwin, the astronomers, the archaeologists and the German biblical scholars, embraced their most compelling arguments and made their peace with uncertainty.

"Reversible" Energy Storage For Better, Cheaper, Non-Toxic Batteries

In a lithium-ion battery, lithium ions are simply passed back and forth between two electrodes. The new study revealed that when a zinc-manganese battery goes through charging cycles, it does something entirely different.

All About Fraud: How Crooks Get the CVV

These attacks drive home one immutable point about malware’s role in subverting secure connections: Whether resident on a Web server or on an end-user computer, if either endpoint is compromised, it’s ‘game over’ for the security of that Web session.

C. S. Lewis: Calvinist or Classical Arminian?

In the writings of C.S. Lewis the sovereignty and goodness of God are clearly accentuated alongside of human free will. Contrary to popular perception, the goodness of God (not human free will) is the central core around which Arminian theology builds, and Lewis seems to do the same.

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