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Weekend Reads 9/9/17

(Leans forward, whispers) ‘Sola scriptura’ is not a thing

What this poll shows, instead, is that the pretense of sola scriptura hasn’t really held up very well over the past five centuries. Maybe Luther was able to sustain the illusion that this was what he was doing when he read the Bible, but most Protestants today know better.

Four Radical Plans to Save Civilization from Climate Change

Smug eco-warriors may think they’re curbing global warming with their vegan diets, charged-up Teslas, and rooftop solar panels. But according to Peter Wadhams, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the University of Cambridge, we’re barely staving off disaster.

Now's the Time to Spot (Not-So) Elusive Mercury

Nonetheless, we are currently within a three-week "window of opportunity" for getting a good look at Mercury in the early-morning dawn sky. Mercury is called an "inferior planet" because its orbit is nearer to the sun than Earth's is. Therefore, Mercury always appears from our vantage point to be in the same general direction as the sun.

Wolfhart Pannenberg on Death Before the Fall

Pannenberg's explanation of death in prehuman history enables us to better understand the Doctrine of Creation, and how evolutionary sciences may be interpreted in respect to it, and how to understand the occurrence of evil, suffering and death that has been prevailant throughout the Cosmos since the beginning of the world.

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