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Weekend Reads 9/12/20

Behind Woodward’s September surprise: White House aides saw a train wreck coming, then jumped aboard

The interviews revealed that Trump was not candid with the public about the dangers of Covid-19, with the president telling Woodward he was “playing it down” even though it was possibly five times “more deadly” than the flu. “I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic,” Trump said in one audio clip released Wednesday.

Climate change may wreck economy unless we act soon, federal report warns

The report, called "Managing Climate Risk in the US Financial System," was written by a group of 35 advisors from major banks such as Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, environmental groups such as The Nature Conservancy and Ceres, energy firms such as BP and ConocoPhillips, several investment firms, and experts from several universities.

The Pandemic Has Created a Class of Super-Savers

A lot of the money that well-off people aren’t spending right now is money that lower-paid people would normally receive as income. Many industries that employ lots of lower-wage workers, such as restaurants, hotels, and child care, are ones that make life more comfortable or fun for higher-income people. So when those people’s spending on in-person services dries up, those lower-wage workers’ pay dries up too.

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis' office is forced to apologize after a staffer told a cancer survivor 'you don't get to have' healthcare if you can't afford it

"But healthcare is something that people need, especially if they have cancer," she said.

"Well, you got to find a way to get it," he replied.

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