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Weekend Reads 8/18/18

After employee revolt, Google says it is “not close” to launching search in China

Fourteen hundred employees signed a letter demanding more transparency from Google's leadership on ethical issues, saying, "Google employees need to know what we’re building." The letter says many employees only learned about the project through news reports and that "currently we do not have the information required to make ethically informed decisions about our work, our projects, and our employment."

While the Media Fixate on 30 White Nationalists . . .

The “do something now” crowd is silent. Is it because they spent their whole portion of disapproval when the media jumped on stories of migrant children being separated from parents in holding facilities at the border? Perhaps, but it’s more likely that many of these same concerned people have no idea Yemen is starving and that the U.S. has enabled the suffering by selling Saudi Arabia nearly $1 billion in weapons that they use with impunity.

This Charges Everything

Initially, the bikes tended, like water, to flow downhill. The green Lime bikes, yellow Ofos, and orange Spins pooled in Seattle’s low-lying neighborhoods, crowded onto street corners and medians until unmarked maintenance vans showed up to haul them back to higher ground. But then, this February, Lime debuted an electric-assist bike capable of taking on Seattle’s most challenging terrain at a breezy 15 miles an hour.

Let’s Hope There Is No Tape of Trump Using the N-Word

Imagine what a weakened Trump would be like for the next two years. Do you think he’d knuckle down, start acting like a statesman, and try to unite the country? Or do you think he’d push for more chaos and division in the hopes of somehow drawing to an inside straight (again)? Assuming he does, the only possible downside of such a strategy, from Trump's perspective, would be salting the ground of American political life for any potential successor. And he would view this not as a bug, but as a feature.

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