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Weekend Reads 7/28/18

I’m a librarian. The last thing we need is Silicon Valley “disruption.”

I’ve often heard the argument, “That’s not the library’s job. There are agencies for that.”

But where are people without access to computers or internet supposed to go to find the agencies that will help them job-search or secure low-income housing? Where can they go to sit down and figure out their next steps, with knowledgeable help close by?

What ‘The Gaying of Fox News’ Gets Wrong

As we go through life, many of us will radically change our ideas through exposure to many different people. This is not a bad thing, As the Jesuits at Georgetown University say, we are not afraid of diversity; understanding how others see their God strengthen our relationship with God and increases our confidence in our own beliefs.

Michael Cohen’s Word Is Not Enough

“A Cohen assertion by itself is not hefty evidence. If he made a note of it, if there’s a tape, if there’s a second, third, or fourth person who can corroborate, then it starts to look like evidence,” said John Barrett, a law professor at St. John’s University and a former associate counsel in the Iran-Contra affair. “I can’t imagine a prosecutor basing a charge on something that thin.”

Underground Lake of Liquid Water Detected on Mars

Continued observations proved difficult. "The real problem was that observations over the same place in different moments would reveal different results," Orosei says. "So we would see a bright reflection on a certain area one day, and then we would fly over the same area maybe a week later, a month later... and we would not see the same strong reflection we would see ordinarily."

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