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Weekend Reads 5/5/18

Black men arrested at Starbucks settle with Philadelphia for $1 each and $200K for young entrepreneurs

“We were there for a real reason, a real deal that we were working on,” Robinson told the AP in an April interview. “We put in a lot of time, energy, effort. … We were at a moment that could have a positive impact on a whole ladder of people, lives, families. So I was like, ‘No, you’re not stopping that right now.’”

Trump's fixers revolt

But in recent weeks, there has been tension in the natural order of Trump’s world, because his not-made-for-prime-time “fixers” have been basking in the national spotlight where they don’t belong. And they’re doing something else very out of character for the aides picked solely for their loyalty and willingness to bend the rules: They’re falling out of line.

6 Realities Of Growing Up Expecting The Apocalypse

In about March of 2011, two months before the great human die-off was to begin, Powell's class did an exercise in which each student would play one of their classmates. Supposedly this was to teach respect for each other and in no way make kids feel terrible about all of their flaws and mannerisms being comically imitated by their peers. To Powell's surprise, every kid wanted to play him -- in this class, he was the impression everyone could do.

Neanderthals etched a message on this 36,000-year-old stone tool

And a craftsman who just wanted to put a grip on a stone tool wouldn’t have taken such care to stick to the center of the flake and avoid the edges. The impact was meant to be visual, not functional, Majkic and her colleagues argue.

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