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Weekend Reads 5/14/16

10 Comics That Shut Down Terrible Internet Arguments

Is there a persistent Internet argument that you're just sick of responding to? Don't have the energy to explain the problem with the argument for the billionth time? These comics can help, countering those troublesome arguments with a few words and pictures.

Geologists Find Clues In Crater Left By Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

Researchers have sampled Chicxulub before, but this expedition by the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling precisely targets a key part of the crater yet to be studied: a ring of mountains left by the asteroid.

The rocks they've pulled out show how life began to recover after the cataclysm, Gulick says. "We've got all these limestones and rocks that contain the fossils from the world after the impact, all the things that evolved from the few organisms that survived."

You Can’t Trust What You Read About Nutrition

When I tried keeping a seven-day food diary, I discovered how right Block was — it’s surprisingly difficult to capture a record that reflects normal eating patterns when you collect only a few days’ worth of data.…My diary showed that before dinner one day, I’d eaten only a doughnut and two snack packs of potato chips. And what did I have for dinner? I can tell you that it was a delicious Indonesian seafood curry, but I couldn’t possibly begin to list all its ingredients.

New Ad for Ark Encounter Contradicts Ken Ham’s Understanding of Biblical “Kinds”

Look closely and you will see two different cat species (a male and female lion and a leopard), two bear species (a panda and a brown bear?), and two canines species (red fox and a wolf). Ken Ham has been expounding religiously the last two months that all the modern species of the world we know were not on the ark. Rather only two of each clean “kind”* were on the ark which represent a small fraction of today’s species. But in this poster we see Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham contradicting their own message. There are two species of canines when Ham says there was only a single ancestral pair of canines which was neither a fox nor a wolf.

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