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Weekend Reads 4/21/18

Players Have Crowned A New Best Board Game — And It May Be Tough To Topple

Now it’s Gloomhaven’s turn to try to interest you. Years ago, Isaac Childres, the game’s designer, like many budding board gamers, got his start in “serious” gaming with Settlers of Catan, then logged on to BoardGameGeek and worked his way down its empirically ranked list: the strategic farming of Agricola, the capitalistic infrastructure of Power Grid, the castle building of Caylus.

When you go to a security conference, and its mobile app leaks your data

Accessing the attendee list required registering an account for the application, logging in, and then grabbing a token from an XML file stored by the application. Since registration for the application only required an email address, anyone who could dump the files from their Android device could obtain the token and then insert it into a Web-based application interface call to download attendee names. While the SQLite database downloaded was encrypted, another API call provided that key.

Church of the Donald

For nearly all of its 45-year history, Trinity’s programming had been strictly religious, a mix of evangelical preachers, gospel music and a flagship talk show called “Praise the Lord” (now just “Praise”). But Huckabee’s show is saturated with politics.

Is Facebook’s Anti-Abuse System Broken?

However, the titles, images and postings available on each group’s front page left little doubt about their true purpose: Selling everything from stolen credit cards, identities and hacked accounts to services that help automate things like spamming, phishing and denial-of-service attacks for hire.

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