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Weekend Reads 2/2/19

The Media Botched the Covington Catholic Story

Among other things, journalistic ethics held that if you didn’t have the reporting to support a story, and if that story had the potential to hurt its subjects, and if those subjects were private citizens, and if they were moreover minors, you didn’t run the story. You kept reporting it; you let yourself get scooped; and you accepted that speed is not the highest value.

5 anti-poverty plans from 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, explained

These proposals, all co-authored by senators — Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown, and Michael Bennet (Rep. Ro Khanna is a co-sponsor on one) — attempt to do different things: Two would expand the earned income tax credit (EITC), another two offers assistance for rent, and one is a child allowance. But they all have the same overriding objective: improving the lives of low-income Americans.

How 10 leading companies are trying to make powerful, low-cost lidar

The basic idea of lidar is simple: a sensor sends out laser beams in various directions and waits for them to bounce back. Because light travels at a known speed, the round-trip time gives a precise estimate of the distance.

While the basic idea is simple, the details get complicated fast. Every lidar maker has to make three basic decisions: how to point the laser in different directions, how to measure the round-trip time, and what frequency of light to use.

Pope Francis Urges Youth to Work Against 'Fear and Exclusion, Speculation and Manipulation'

On Saturday, Francis said the Roman Catholic Church was weary and "wounded by her own sin," in an apparent reference to the global sexual abuse crisis.

Later, at a lunch with a delegation of young people, he told the American representative that clergy sexual abuse was a "horrible crime" and that the Church should be united in fighting it.

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