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Weekend Reads 12/5/15

Please don’t suddenly pretend you care about homeless veterans for just as long as it allows you to oppose helping refugees

People who genuinely care about one good thing do not treat every other good thing as competition that must be crushed and stopped.

Donald Trump Is a Pathological Liar. It's Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around This.

You can call Trump's statements lies or fabrications or even falsehoods if you insist on being delicate about it. But you can't call them questionable or controversial or salesmanlike or disputed or even faulty. The man is a serial, pathological liar.

Alaska Would Rather Go Broke Than Pay Taxes

Alaska’s problems go beyond oil prices. Federal funding has fallen since stimulus funds dried up after the recession, and the state’s influence in Washington has waned since the electoral defeat of longtime U.S. senator Ted Stevens in 2008. The prices of other natural resources, such as gold and salmon, have also declined. Most significantly, the state’s oil production has been falling for decades, dropping below 500,000 barrels per day in 2014 from a peak of more than 2 million barrels per day in the late 1980s.

Think Amazon Is Changing Retail? Think Again

Amazon shook the book-selling world when it announced it was opening its first physical bookstore in Seattle. For an Internet company that has crushed the competition -- and in plenty of industries besides just books -- it was a big announcement.

However, it's not a particularly revolutionary development in retail, even if it's harnessing the immense computing power of its analytics operation to determine which books to sell in any particular market. It still amounts to a traditional way to sell a product and mimics many other online retailers that have moved into real-world stores.

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