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Trump to Resign?

Have you heard the news? Donald Trump is considering resigning. It's all over the internet, so there must be some truth to it. Right?

Trump Considering Resigning Due To Flynn Testimony

Donald Trump Considers Resigning as President of the United States

Donald Trump to Resign? Michael Flynn's Testimony May Have Trump Ready to Quit

Former White House staffer: amid Mike Flynn immunity request, Donald Trump is considering resigning

Reliable Rumors Abound That Trump Is Ready To Resign

The rumors are so prevalent, they've become their own news story.

Donald Trump Considering Resignation Rumors Now in Circulation

The upshot is this: Michael Flynn, Trump's former National Security Advisor who resigned amid allegations of improper contact with Russian intelligence officials, has offered to testify in Congress in exchange for immunity. The only reason the Senate might grant immunity would be if Flynn's testimony could help them bring down a more important official. And who is more important than the National Security Advisor, except the President himself?

There's one great big hole in that logic.

Michael Flynn’s Immunity Request Rejected By Senate Intelligence Committee

A senior congressional official with direct knowledge said Flynn's lawyer was told it was "wildly preliminary" and that immunity was "not on the table" at the moment. A second source said the committee communicated that it is "not receptive" to Flynn's request "at this time."

So although it's true the Senate would consider granting Flynn immunity only if it could lead to a bigger catch, there's no reason to expect they might do so. And without the Senate's approval of Flynn's offer, the whole house of cards collapses.

Don't look for Donald Trump to resign any time soon. Like the villain of a horror movie, Trump won't be dispatched easily.

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