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Fact Checking for Weasels

It's rare to see such transparent dishonesty as in this piece from E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. The Cornwall Alliance is, according to its website,

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The End of Civilization?

The sky is falling! A new report suggests a high likelihood of the end of human civilization by 2050, according to a pair of recent headlines, one by Nafeez Ahmed for Vice and one by James Felton for IFL Science.

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How Climate Science Became a Political Issue

There was a time when "environmentalism" was known as "conservation", a word that shares a root with "conservative". It was Richard Nixon who created the EPA by executive order. Ronald Reagan approved the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer. And Britain's Margaret Thatcher first warned us of the perils of runaway greenhouse gas pollution, also known as climate change.

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A Climate Emergency?

The government shutdown is temporarily in remission. Federal workers can start receiving their paychecks as Congress and the White House attempt to work out a longer-term solution. The president continues to threaten to declare a national emergency if Congress won't fund his wall.

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The Forgotten Climate Change Pioneer

All this time I've been wrong about climate change. In my article Are We Entering a New Mini Ice Age? I implied that global warming is simply the greenhouse effect at work in our atmosphere, and stated, "John Tyndall first proved the existence of the greenhouse effect more than 150 years ago". But that's not exactly true.

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"Why I don't care about 'Climate Change'"

I no longer care about 'climate change'; I care about the social, the financial, and the security impact it will have on me.

Stop educating about the science of climate change, and start educating about how this will affect you.

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Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey

The devastation dumped on Houston by Hurricane Harvey has raised the issue of whether climate change is responsible for the intensity of the storm. Research by NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory indicates that anthropogenic global warming is not likely to increase the number of Atlantic hurricanes, but is likely to increase their intensity.

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Climate Alarmism: A Gift to Denialists

David Wallace-Wells's recent article in New York Magazine is attracting too much of the wrong kind of attention. Entitled "The Uninhabitable Earth", the article paints a gallery of climate change doomsday scenarios. From the opening sentence, "It is, I promise, worse than you think," to section titles like "Heat Death" and "The End of Food", Wallace-Wells delivers on his promise to step "beyond scientific reticence" to outline the worst-case scenario of runaway global warming.

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How Much Warming Is Due to Human Activity?

Is it 25%? 50%? 99%?

Whatever number you picked, you're too low.

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Climate Patriotism

A short film promoting the April 29th Peoples Climate March.

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