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Weekend Reads 9/19/15

New species of extinct human found in cave may rewrite history

The sheer number of bones and their location hint at something even more astonishing: the bodies they belonged to appear to have been left deliberately in the cave. This has never been seen before in such a primitive human, and could have big implications for understanding the origins of modern human behaviour.

Ashley Madison passwords like “thisiswrong” tap cheaters’ guilt and denial

With entries including goodguydoingthewrongthing, ishouldnotbedoingthis, thisiswrong, and whatthehellamidoing, the list suggests some of the people felt guilty about setting up accounts on the site, or at least feigned feeling guilty. Others demonstrated just how oblivious many users were to the weakness of their own passwords. Examples include passcodes such as thisisagoodpassword, thebestpasswordever, superhardpassword, and mypasswordispassword.

Chipotle Is Being Sued Over Its Anti-GMO Advertising. Serves Them Right.

The case against GMOs is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud... Court the anti-GMO crowd and you might gain a following among many health-focused consumers, but it also seems inevitable that your efforts will be insufficient to satisfy the most ardent GMO skeptics, who have pilloried everything from papayas to life-saving rice.

Why Donald Trump's Love Affair with Evangelicals (Probably) Won't Last

In the contest of wearing one’s faith on one’s sleeve, Carson has Trump beat by a mile. As Religion News Services’ Adelle Banks writes, Carson, a twice-baptized Seventh-Day Adventist, prayed before each surgery he performed, and believes we live in a “Judeo-Christian nation.” That’s not to say he’s a respected theologian by any stretch (Carson, after all, has been criticized for misapprehending the Biblical tithing he claims undergirds his flat tax proposal). But Trump’s broadsides do demonstrate just how far Trump will go in saying what he wants, regardless of whether it has any basis in fact, and, even more surprisingly, regardless of whether it will hurt him with the voting bloc he claims to love.

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