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Weekend Reads 9/12/15

Why the Earth Is Heating So Fast: On the Dangerous Difference Between Science and Political Science

But climate change isn’t like that. Balton — and Obama, and almost everyone else in power — makes the same simple-but-deadly category mistake. They think the relevant negotiation is between the people who want to drill and the people who don’t. But actually, this negotiation is between People and physics. And therefore it’s not really a negotiation.

Temple Grandin on How Oliver Sacks Changed Her Life

Oliver got the type of house I lived in wrong, and he got the details of the squeezing machine wrong. I’m a visual thinker, and Oliver’s definitely not a visual thinker; he’s a word thinker. But when it came to describing my mind, that’s where he got me right.

About That ‘Game-Changing’ Jobs Report

So why all the hype? The Fed. This was the last jobs report before the Federal Reserve’s policymaking Open Markets Committee meets later this month to decide whether to raise interest rates for the first time since June 2006. It’s likely to be a close call.

Proof Young-Earth Creationists Don’t Care What the Bible Says

The Institute for Creation Research recently shared the above image on Facebook, claiming that Jesus quotes from Genesis more often than any other book in the Old Testament. That claim is verifiably false.

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