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Weekend Reads 8/8/15

A public marketplace for hackers—what could possibly go wrong?

It's true that Hacker's List's purpose remains showing the general population that "not all hackers are evil," as Tendell puts it. His intentions for the site also continue to be noble. But many of the project requests being posted to the site show the message isn't getting through as the marketplace scales. If anything, it seems that those who now flock to Hacker's List have largely been people looking for evil hackers to hire.

To make meat greener, make it more efficiently

Just as it was counter-intuitive to think of grass-fed beef being more carbon intensive than grain-finished beef, I’m used to thinking of local food being greener than the kind shipped from another climate. But every scientist I talked to assured me that the carbon costs of producing meat inefficiently usually outweigh the carbon cost of transportation.

The day I left my son in the car

He didn’t die. He wasn’t kidnapped or assaulted or forgotten or dragged across state lines by a carjacker. When I returned to the car, he was still playing his game, smiling, or more likely smirking at having gotten what he wanted from his spineless mama.

...And so, it came as more than a shock to me when, on the way home from the airport, I listened to a voice mail from an officer at my family’s local police department explaining that a bystander had noticed me leaving my son in the car, had recorded the incident using a phone’s camera, and had then contacted the police.

Ellen Pao, profile: The woman who ran Reddit, and that Silicon Valley loves to hate

Admirers say she is quiet and deeply serious. That impression is only reinforced by interviews, in which she comes across as straightforward, sincere and lucid, the corporate good girl par excellence. But critics see another Pao.

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