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Weekend Reads 7/15/17

The half-beef/half-mushroom burger: Notes from the field

I have to say, the results were delicious—juicy, firm and deeply meaty in terms of flavor. Yet they were also lighter on the stomach than a typical beef burger, leaving me satisfied but not over full. Interestingly, they were also more forgiving on the grill. Due to a scheduling error in the kitchen, I overcooked them a little to 160 degrees, and yet they still turned out juicy, and even a little pink.

Church of England Demands Ban on Conversion Therapy

Proposing the motion, Jayne Ozanne – who underwent conversion therapy resulting in two breakdowns and two spells in hospital – said conversion therapy was “abuse from which vulnerable adults need protecting”.

God, Patience, and Creation

Engineers, artists, project managers, scientists, architects, and many others have projects that span the time of weeks, months, years, and even decades. They can be patient for that amount of time as they see the final product take shape. For those who's projects take months and years, the temptation to compare their patience of years and decades to God's patience of merely days (on the view that God created the universe in six 24-hour days) and see their patience as superior is overwhelming. However, God took billions of years of active involvement (not laziness, disinterest, or inefficency) in the creation of our universe and planet.

Trump election commission stops collecting personal voter data—for now

So far, Arkansas is the only state that has complied with the commission's demands. But the commission, put together by President Donald Trump amid allegations of voter fraud on a massive scale during the 2016 election, said it has erased Arkansas' data. And now the commission, which (among other topics) wants to investigate whether dead people voted in elections the past decade, is telling the rest of the states they don't need to comply—at least for now.

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