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Weekend Reads 7/1/17

Do Egalitarians Take the Bible Seriously?

What struck me was not the depth of the complementarian argument, but rather the constant emphasis on a few verses, ripped from their context and narrowly applied to one issue—women’s role. I was even more troubled when the author argued for the eternal subordination of God the Son to the Father as an analogy for male-female relations.

Black Hats and White Hats: American Stereotyping

This legalistic American tendency to look for scapegoats and find them before the evidence is available is probably the biggest threat to world peace, and has been for the last 60 years.

The Journey to Mars seems to be pretty much dead

It is true that NASA is presently scheduled to spend the next 15 years exploring cislunar space with humans, before embarking on Mars missions in the 2030s. But the complete absence of Mars promotion from this video suggests that senior administration and Congressional leaders are seriously considering lunar surface landings after that, instead of pressing on directly to Mars. There are a number of reasons for this, including the potential for commerce on the Moon, as well as geopolitical strategy.

Is There a New Form of Lynching in America?

To forestall typical responses I will repeat the issue of grave concern for all Americans is not just that black boys and men are being killed while unarmed and not threatening anyone; it is that the killers are either not being charged or they are being acquitted.

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