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Weekend Reads 7/11/15

Try not to be the Bad Guy in the story: What it means to be ‘on the wrong side of history’

The key word in the phrase “the wrong side of history” is not history, but side. It isn’t an invitation to ponder ponderous thoughts about the meaning of history or an invitation to project ourselves into some dubious future vantage point in an attempt to step outside of the fog of our own culture and time. It is simply a recognition that we have, in the present story presently unfolding, taken sides.

Realizing that, the next extremely necessary question to ask is simply this: Are we the baddies?

Real change must follow flag’s takedown

Notwithstanding claims by Graham and others that it has somehow been misused as a racist symbol by the likes of Roof, the fact is, the thing was used as such from the moment the first thread of the first flag was sewn in support of a treasonous regime that was, to borrow Mississippi’s words, “thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery.”

Liberated by grace

The African American Christian tradition has been vital in our history for reasons of the spirit but also as a political seedbed of freedom and a reminder that the Bible is a subversive book. In the days of slavery, masters emphasized the parts of Scripture that called for obedience to legitimate authority. But the slaves took another lesson: that the authority they were under was not legitimate, that the Old Testament prophets and Exodus preached liberation from bondage, and that Jesus himself took up the cry to “set the oppressed free” with passion and conviction unto death.

Hacking Team Is Hacked and More on Hacking Team

It's a huge trove of data, including a spreadsheet listing every government client, when they first bought the surveillance software, and how much money they have paid the company to date. Not surprising, the company has been lying about who its customers are.

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