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Weekend Reads 6/9/18

The Hidden Queer History Behind “A League of Their Own”

Players had to attend charm school and wear lipstick on the field. Their uniforms had skirts instead of pants — not great for sliding, but deemed appropriately feminine by league owner Philip K. Wrigley. All of this was chronicled in “A League of Their Own.” But there was one thing the movie left out: the reason for these requirements.

Could dark matter atoms explain a recent observation?

That temperature, however, turned out to be notably cooler than we'd expect if matter had gradually shed the energy that it had been left with after the Big Bang. Which suggests that the matter must have transferred its energy to something else. For this to work, that something else had to be cooler than the matter.

Fossilized skull hints at when Pangea split

“For a long time, we thought early mammals from the Cretaceous (145 to 66 million years ago) were anatomically similar and not ecologically diverse,” Huttenlocker said. “This finding by our team and others reinforce that, even before the rise of modern mammals, ancient relatives of mammals were exploring specialty niches: insectivores, herbivores, carnivores, swimmers, gliders. Basically, they were occupying a variety of niches that we see them occupy today.”

Why do whites oppose the NFL protests?

Every time unrest erupts in black communities in response to some perceived injustice, finger-wagging whites wonder why blacks can’t express their dissent in an orderly, law-abiding way. But every time African-Americans protest peacefully, the same whites object to the message, the tactics, the purpose or the slogans.

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