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Weekend Reads 6/25/16

Be Still My Heart: A Quick Explanation of What Biblical Scholars Do

Biblical scholarship is like building a picture puzzle. The box says 1000 pieces, but there are only 200 in the box. Biblical scholars, working with the pieces they have, try to come up with a coherent overall picture of what the entire puzzle might look like.

The GOP’s War on Abortion May Have Cleared the Way for a Zika Disaster

For uninsured, low-income women, family planning clinics have long been the best places to seek out contraceptives, prenatal exams, and other forms of reproductive healthcare at manageable prices. But many of these facilities also provide abortions—or, as in the case of some Planned Parenthoods, are affiliated with others that do—and as state-level Republicans have accelerated their war on abortion, hundreds of clinics have been forced to scale back operations or close altogether.

Youngest known exoplanet could teach us a thing or two about planet formation

K2-33b’s close orbit is a bit baffling for scientists. Astronomers have found many big exoplanets like this one that also orbit super-close to their stars — but no one is really sure how that’s possible.

What’s happening to the fireflies?

It may seem like an unlikely fight, but saving the fireflies really matters – even if it does so indirectly. The habitats of fireflies also play home to many forms of wildlife including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and numerous species of invertebrates and flora.

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