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Weekend Reads 4/7/18

Five-Day Hurricane Track Forecasts Are More Accurate Today Than Two-Day Forecasts 25 Years Ago

New technology, like high-definition satellites and other distant observing techniques, better computer model guidance, refined hurricane reconnaissance, drone flights and on-the-ground research have led to much better track forecasts in the last quarter-century.

Feds: There are hostile stingrays in DC, but we don’t know how to find them

Given that cell-site simulators have been used for years at home, it would be naive to think that malevolent actors, including criminals and foreign governments, would not attempt to set up stingrays in major American cities, particularly the capital.

How the Christian movie series God’s Not Dead fails to be Christian

White evangelical Protestants, who make up the lion’s share of the so-called faith-based audience, are the only major religious group in America who believe they face more discrimination in America than Muslims do. And nearly eight in 10 white evangelical Protestants believe that discrimination against Christians is as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.

Speed Kills

It’s a dark time in Silicon Valley, and while the causes of these tech titans’ struggles are diverse, a common theme runs through them: In each case, the companies either explicitly or implicitly accepted users’ deaths as the cost of rapid innovation and market dominance.

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