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Weekend Reads 4/28/18

In first, doctors treat rare genetic disorder with an injection in utero

The in utero injections treated a rare, recessive genetic condition called X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (XLHED), which affects the development of skin, hair, nails, and teeth. People with the disorder have sparse body and head hair, dry eyes, mouths, and airways, and few teeth, which are usually pointy. But most dangerously, the condition also disrupts development of sweat glands throughout the body. People with XLHED have fewer sweat glands and/or poorly functioning ones. This leaves individuals vulnerable to high fevers and over-heating (hyperthermia), which can be life-threatening and lead to medical complications.

What If Tariffs Cost Trump The Farm Vote?

But after months of controversy over farm labor visas, falling commodity prices and withdrawal from free-trade agreements, a recent survey conducted by Agri-Pulse, one of America’s leading agricultural news sources, adds weight to Grassley’s warning. The survey — conducted from Feb. 26 through March 9, before the most recent tariff battles — indicates that farmers are losing patience with the president.

'White Holes' May Be the Secret Ingredient in Mysterious Dark Matter

These white holes would not emit any radiation, and because they are far smaller than a wavelength of light, they would be invisible. If a proton did happen to impact one of these white holes, the white hole "would simply bounce away," Rovelli said. "They cannot swallow anything."

Moment of Decision for Evangelicals

But if this were true, you would expect to find evangelical extremists on both the left and the right in American politics. The numbers, however, do not lie: white evangelicalism has long been a reliable base for the extreme right in America. Trump knew this when he began giving interviews on Christian television while considering a 2012 presidential bid. Without white evangelicals, there would be no President Trump.

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